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Wedding Cake


You can choose from delicious traditional fruit cakes and a range of flavoured sponges. We cater for all tastes, so you can have a tier a different type of cake if you wish. You can opt for a traditional royal icing finish, or more contemporary cakes with butter-cream or layered naked cakes, and we are also able provide undecorated cutting cakes for larger numbers. If it's a birthday or other occasion we make Number, or 3D Cakes too.

(All wedding cake prices will vary, depending on the complexity of the design and time needed to perfect it).

Ordering your cake

What type of cake?

Wedding cake, Birthday, Christening, or Anniversary cake? Naked cake, iced cake, even with your picture on it. This is the time to choose what centres, fillings and decoration your cake will have.

For how many people?

If it is a Wedding Cake you may wish to send some to those can not attend. Is it for day and evening guests? An idea of numbers will help you decide how many tiers and what size cake you will need.

When is it for?

Choose the date you need the cake for. Those steeped in brandy may need time to mature, sponges or fresh creams will be made very close to the day of your event.


“ Our wedding cake which was very well received by all. It looked and tasted amazing. Loved it. ”



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